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About us

The Gravita Senegal is owned and managed by a forward-looking team of professionals, with a combined experience of more than 14 years. We are committed to providing low cost Lead & Lead Products with highest level of quality assurance and special focus on delivering value.
All our business processes are targeted at maintaining high levels of Product Quality and cost competitiveness. We believe in versatile services & ethical business practices by preservation and protection of our natural resources.



  • Pure Lead Manufacturing

  • Lead Alloying
  • Lead Sub-Oxide, Red Lead and Litharge Manufacturing
  • Lead Sheets, Lead Pipe and Lead Powder Manufacturing
  • Lead Mono Silicate and Re-Melted Lead Manufacturing
  • Air, Water and Solid Waste Pollution Control
  • Meeting of environmental and occupational health standards

Our Vision Senegal Vision

  • All our business processes are targeted at maintaining the highest level of environmental integrity and cost competitiveness. We believe that eco-friendly business practices as the preservation and protection of our natural resources with efficient operations.

  • People are our number one resource. We do invest in their development to enable them to meet new challenges in the changing environment.

  • We produce Lead Metal & Lead Products to satisfy our Customers needs and give them value for money and excellent service.

Our Mission

To have significant presence in the National & International Market; thereby creating, sustaining and adding stakeholder value through constant innovation.


To achieve absolute customer delight through our splendid products and services; both in the domestic as well as international markets. This will be achieved through a highly committed and motivated team of people who are dedicated towards Lead Industry for more than 15 Years.

Core Values

  • Uncompromising commitment to Quality and Performance Excellence
  • Constant Innovation
  • Quality Product with Committed Delivery
  • Customer Delight

The Gravita Senegal SA is promoted by Mr. Rajat Agrawal and Mr. Rajeev Surana.

Mr. Rajat Agrawal, B.E. (Mech.) 1st Division from MNIT, Jaipur (India) has proved that if you earnestly and assiduously work on your set goals then nothing can deter you from achieving them. Besides, he is a paragon of diligence and prudence.

Mr. Rajeev Surana, B.E. (Mech.) 1st Division from MNIT, Jaipur (India) believes that if you want to achieve 100% result then you have to put your just double energy with a view to making your dreams come true. He is a true professional and bears excellent negotiation skills.


     We Export
       Remelted Lead Ingots
    P P Chips
    Lead Sub Oxide
    Red Lead
    Lead Sheet
    Lead Balls
    Lead Powder

  We Import

  Battery Scrap


  Lead Scrap


  Lead Concentrate


  Lead Ore

     Recycling Processes
    Battery Scrap Recycling
    Lead Scrap Recycling































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