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Lead Recycling Plant

Gravita Senegal is a leading Lead Manufacturing & Processing unit. Gravita Senegal takes advantage of its resources and related core competencies and believes in growth opportunities for increasing products and improving returns.

Gravita Senegal is a growing name in Lead Recycling & Process industries of Africa. The company is promoted to Manufacture Remelted Lead & Polypropylene Chips. In order to make the best quality lead available and to conserve the already limited, constantly depleting natural resources of lead metal to protect the environment. At Gravita Senegal we are doing Lead Recycling through various sources of Lead Scrap (Battery Scrap, Lead Battery Plate Scrap, Concentrates etc.). Our recycling process is performed on Non-ferrous metal :
      Lead Scrap Recycling
      Lead Battery Scrap Recycling

We manufacture Lead Metal, Lead Oxide and Lead Products:
Lead Metal
       1. Pure Lead / Refined Lead Ingots
       2. Lead Alloys (Lead-Antimony, Lead-Selenium, Lead-Calcium, Lead-Copper, Lead-Tin Solder Alloys etc.)
       3. Lead Powder
       4. Lead Bronzes, Steels and Aluminum Alloys

Lead Chemicals and Lead Oxides in Powder and Granules forms
       1. Lead Sub Oxide i.e. Grey Oxides
       2. Red Lead i.e. Lead Tetra Oxide
       3. Litharge i.e. Lead Mono Oxide / Lead Yellow Oxide
       4. Lead Nitrate
       5. Lead Mono Silicate

Lead Products
        1. Lead Sheets
        2. Lead Foils
        3. Lead Wire
        4. Lead Glass / Shielding
        5. Lead Anode
        6. Lead Pipe
        7. Lead Bricks
        8. Lead Sheath
        9. Lead Coolant In Nuclear Power
        10. Artistic Lead Products
        11. Lead Shots / Balls
        12. Lead Blanket
        13. Lead Wool
        14. Lead Flange
        15. Lead Cames
        16. Lead Bullets
We are committed towards protecting our environment for a better future. We use eco-friendly plants and machinery in Lead Scrap Recycling Process.

     We Export
       Remelted Lead Ingots
    P P Chips
    Lead Sub Oxide
    Red Lead
    Lead Sheet
    Lead Balls
    Lead Powder

  We Import

  Battery Scrap


  Lead Scrap


  Lead Concentrate


  Lead Ore

     Recycling Processes
    Battery Scrap Recycling
    Lead Scrap Recycling























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