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Lead Sheet

Lead Sheet Overview:

Lead Sheet is important product made from Pure Lead and Lead Alloy. Lead Sheet has major importance in chemical and related industries as Lead Metal being resistant against wide range of chemicals.

Gravita offer Lead Sheet for Many Applications that includes :

  • Medical Industry : Radiation Shielding – Laboratories, Hospitals, Dental Offices and Veterinary Clinics
  • X-ray and gamma-ray protection
  • 75% Used in Building Construction – Roofing, Flashing and Waterproofing
  • Corrosion Protection – Acid Storage and Handling – Autoclaves – Precipitators
  • Movable Lead Screens
  • Sound Barriers and Sound Proofing
  • Nuclear Energy Shielding
  • Tank Lining
  • Vibration Absorbers

We offer Lead Sheet with the below thickness and length:

  • Thickness: Minimum thickness 0.5mm
  • Length:  Minimum width 1.5 meter and length is subject to the thickness.

Customize thickness, width and length is available as per customer requirement.

Our normal composition options are:

  1. Pure / Chemical Lead
  2. Antimonial Lead
  3. Calcium Lead

Benefits of Lead Sheet:

  • Rugged
  • Flexible
  • Long lasting

Quality Control:

Gravita group Lead sheet is produced under ISO 9001 QA systems, ensuring uniformly high product quality.

The versatility of Sheet Lead and its uses:

Sheets of Lead

Sheets of Lead

The high density of Lead Sheet and its “limpness” makes it a very effective material for reducing the transmission of noise through partitions and doors of comparatively lightweight construction. Often the Lead Sheets are adhesively bonded to plywood or to other building boards for convenience of handling. Current developments include a whole range of composite materials employing Lead Sheet for the reduction of noise in industry and from engines of all sorts. A particular advantage of Lead’s high density is that only relatively thin layers are needed to suppress the transmission of sound. This makes for important space savings in the design of large modern buildings such as hotels and office blocks.





Pounds/Square Foot

0.0156 0.369


0.0312 0.792


0.0625 1.550


0.1250 3.180


0.2500 6.350


0.5000 12.700





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