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Lead Sub Oxide

The Greyish color Lead oxide is also known lead sub oxide, grey oxide, battery oxide. The Grey Oxide is produced in ball mill plant & the process is an enothermic reaction. The chemical forumlae of Lead suboxide is (2PbO.Pb). The Lead suboxide is used extensively in preparation of plates in Lead Acid Batteries.




Blackish to Greenish Grey

Crystal Structure


Apparent Density

1.4 – 1.6

Retention on 240 mesh (63 micron) (max %)


Retention on 325 mesh %


Water Absorption mg/gm


Acid Absorption mg/gm


Free Lead (% Max)


Lead Monoxide (%)


Grey Oxide produced in Ball Mill Plant, which comprises of a small Lead Melting Furnace, operating in line with a hemispherical / cylindrical ball-casting machine, which feeds the balls to the ball mill. In the ball mill, Lead is converted to Lead Sub Oxide, which is an exothermic process. In this process heat is generated and temperature of a oxide is increase to control the temperature with in the range of 115 to 135OC. The ball mill is cooled with constant flow of air and also with the water spraying system controlled through solenoid valve. The Grey Oxide is harvested through a classifier high efficiency cyclone, bag-house filtration unit and induction draft fan arrangement. It is in a grey powder form. The desired particle size and free Lead content is ensured through proper plant configuration and precise control of ID Fan suction. Our plants can produce up to 350 mesh size LSO powder.

Packing Specifications :

  • 25 Kg. Bag Packing
  • Box Packing
  • 1 MT jumbo bag packing

Uses of Lead Sub-Oxide / Grey Oxide

  • Lead Acid Batteries
  • Electroplating Anode
  • Sulphuric Acid Tank Liners


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