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Lead Scrap recycling        


We at Gravita Senegal SA. practice Eco–friendly Recycling Techniques for various sources of Lead Scrap as below:

• Battery Lugs (RACKS)
• Battery Plate Scrap (RAILS)
• Mixed Hard / Soft Lead Scrap (RADIO)
• Lead Wheel Weights (ROPES)
• Lead Covered Copper Cable (RELAY)

The Lead Scrap recycling process is based on Pyrometallurgical Techniques. The raw material is obtained from the types of various Lead Scraps available and is processed in the Furnace. Typically, in this process, Lead bearing materials are charged into a furnace together with appropriate fluxes & reducing agents. Reduction of Lead bearing material to crude Remelted Lead takes place along with the formation of Lead bearing slag. The slag may be collected and smelted in a separate slag campaign in the same or another furnace.

The molten metal and the dross are removed from the blast furnace by tapping operation into moulds or ladles. Normally the furnace metal is directly cast into ingots and these ingots are allowed to solidify. If required the metal is tapped directly into a holding kettle which keeps the metal molten for refining.

Local exhaust ventilation is provided for lead fumes and dust emissions at the lead and slag tap, launders, moulds, ladles, and refining kettles. This exhaust is taken to bag-house. Thus the system is Eco-friendly in all aspects.

The Remelted Lead (97-99%) obtained from the process is exported and used as a raw material for Production of Pure Lead (99.97%) and other processes.


     We Export
       Remelted Lead Ingots
    P P Chips
    Lead Sub Oxide
    Red Lead
    Lead Sheet
    Lead Balls
    Lead Powder

  We Import

  Battery Scrap


  Lead Scrap


  Lead Concentrate


  Lead Ore

     Recycling Processes
    Battery Scrap Recycling
    Lead Scrap Recycling














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